Xenon Gas Services

Boiler Service

  • To keep your boiler in the best running condition it's advised to have the boiler serviced by a gas safe registered engineer, Every 12 months

  • By law, if you have tenants living in a property you rent out you must ensure all gas appliances have been checked every 12 months and a gas safety certification is valid.

Boiler Repairs

  • Systematically, diagnosing and fault finding a boiler comes from a great understanding of how boilers and heating systems work and we are sure to have the problem diagnosed and repaired fast! 

Boiler Installations ,Boiler upgrades & Relocations 

  • New homeowners, you move in your new home and there is a list of things you want to do before you can call it your own, and put your mark on the new property. Perfect time to ensure that all your new homes plumbing and heating is up to the current regulations and if not it can be assessed and resolved before those hidden gremlins get you. Perhaps  You have an area that is dedicated to a hot water cylinder that might be not very economical and want to change to a more updated efficient system or relocate to the loft.


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Gas Landlord Saftey Certificates  (cp12)

  • A cp12  also know as a Gas Landlord Safety certificate is to ensure all gas appliances are safe for use and are in accordance with regulations, standards and most importantly are safe to use.

Gas Appliance installation

  • Installation of gas appliances expertly fitted when it suits you book in now to ensure that piece of mind.

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